Art by Kate

This sampling of Kate Spencer’s paintings and scientific illustrations are also available as matted digital fine art prints.
Prints are 8″x10″ and matted for standard 11″x14″ frames. Each is $40 plus $8 shipping ($15 for overseas). Please contact Kate to place an order.


Indo-Pacific Sailfish by Kate Spencer

Watercolor, 12″x10″


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About the Art: Kate Spencer is a professional artist who paints biologically accurate wildlife, marine life, and landscapes. Many of her works are in watercolor, pen and ink on scratchboard, or colored pencil. Increasingly she is painting in oils. Kate values traditional hand-made art media and while she does some digital art (e.g. for t-shirt designs) or digital enhancement (such as adding color to black-and-white drawings), all digitally altered pieces are clearly noted.






5 thoughts on “Art by Kate

  1. Hi Kate! I'm Chloe you were my whale watching guide at the end of April this year! you gave me and my friend Gabby your awesome bookmark and today I decided to check your website out! You are such an awesome artist! Me and my friend Gabby both want to be marine mammal biologists just like you! And we both like to draw too. Have a good day!

    • Hi Chloe,It's so nice to hear from you! I'm so glad you like my artwork, and remember, if you like to draw, just keep doing it and you'll keep getting better. It's a huge help when you're studying biology to be able to draw, not just to sketch things through a microscope, but also to able to make your own diagrams if the ones in the books aren't good enough. I also find that I remember the things better if I draw them or write them down, and that can help a lot when you have to memorize a whole lot of stuff in school. If you have a hard test to study for, if you can find a way to simplify and then write or draw the information, do it a few times and it'll stick.Good luck and please let me know if I can answer any questions for you any time. Thanks for visiting!All the best,Kate

  2. Dear Kate

    Sandi here from St Lucia. I bought several of your paintings including fisherman, banana man, fish and chips and the dancing jumbies and also your self portrait and the pitons. Sadly, I just gave the piton painting to a dear friend of mine – do you have another one as I would really like one. Please let me know, my email is you probably have my other email address which is but I am having problems with that email right now. Am in St Lucia. Please let me know costs and how we can get it here, plus size

    Hope all is well with you

    Sandi x

  3. Hello Kate,
    I was introduced to your very beautiful artwork by my son while he was attending Ross University in 2003. I will be arriving in St. Kitts on Jan. 7th and I am planning to visit your studio. There is a painting of yours that Ross students would purchase when they finished school. My son was unable to purchase one before he left St. Kitts. Do you know which one he refers to? Will you be on the island the week of Jan. 7th? I would very much like to meet you. I am also lookling forward to adding to my Kate Spencer collection!

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